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Win news riverland sa

win news riverland sa

Peter Bowling's first job was as a all in one gift card ireland bullock driver.
If you believe an older article needs updating, or that I am miss-informed, please feel free to write to me and lets debate the topic, WHY would YOU reward mark aldridge with your precious vote?
I have worded a treaty based on the handover of the land held by the common wealth in the queens name, to help fund their future needs and services to secure self-determination of their people.
Rights AND liberties; Australians enjoy very few fred meyer gas rewards shell rights, a few implied rights, and very few people understand what rights they actually have, this needs to change.
WorkCover reforms with in management, board positions and contracts to improve services and the cost affects on small business.I hope sincerely that we the people can stand up in support of those in need, rather than expecting the victims to cry for help, it is past time we stood for something video and TV expose'S ON this page proud alliance supporter My name.Here is a link to an expose from 2012 m/watch?I have held, spoken at and been MC at various awareness rallies and carried out animal rescue for many years.Up and coming rallies include the demand for a bill of rights in Canberra 26/1/14, there will be corresponding rally's at every parliament house in each state.Dont vote for Aust.Vancyicfe9aE animal welfare; I believe in the Australian community and believe you can judge a society on how it treats its animals.I have always been available day and night for those in need, during disasters I am on the ground and taking action before our government even debate what.These markets are now one of the largest in the state, and I donate my time and money to setting them up, gift paper bags wholesale india handling marketing, management and expansion.Please browse the site or the net, and regardless of what you think of me, cast only an informed vote, and fight for true freedom of choice, and democracy will be served in the true sense of the word.Mark aldridge independent FOR ramsay, my name is Mark Aldridge and I believe I am South Australias best independent candidate for Ramsay.Sadly there are now many lobby groups and media organisations who use a variety of deceitful practices to coheres your vote.

In 2010 the State election resulted in many thousands of South Australians missing out on a vote, and very little had the opportunity to cast an informed vote, this needs TO change.
Buy Australian, farm Direct community markets, dignity for the disabled.
THE illusion OF democracy, DID your vote count?
South Australia should have been leading the way in the application of hemp for industrial and food applications and in the use of marijuana for medical applications.
Our basic common law rights to innocent until proven guilty, the right to remain silent, the right to face ones accuser, trial by jury and even equity are constantly being removed by Parliament, which is unacceptable, I have and will continue to be a loud.The 2013 election will be under new electoral laws, click here and see if you would have backed these changes So any money or time I invest will be to lead by example, because the words of politicians are rarely kept, so best I let my past.I have offered legal support and advisory services to many animal rescuers, travelling all over the country with the aim of improving services and legislation across the board.I started advocating for reforms to the Industry in 2002, and have spoken at and held many rallies in support of our primary production industry.For the Animal lovers here is a link to my QLD flood run to help the devastated sanctuaries and the rspca photos m/media/set/?seta.297185.583394123 type3 "cowardice asks the question : " Is it safe?" expediency asks the question : "Is it politic?" vanity asks the question.Say NO to the basics card.I am an experienced sporting shooter and a proud member of the Para branch target shooting club, and promote responsible firearms policy.The Idea Man, Independent Mark Aldridge.