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We win lyrics

we win lyrics

Every hour mi win, dem nuh don't wan mi see get.
Dem nuh wan, dem nuh wan, dem nuh wan see mi win.
Stefflon Don, dem badmind and jealous, dem a pree mi ting, a wish bad.
Stefflon Don You nah fi ask if I got it like dat Fresh, ever clean, everyting haffi match Money haffi spend but the money come back Batty fat, belly fat, everyting just a drop Ever just make it like dat Mi haffi carry nuff pressure.Chat dem a chat 'bout mi ting but.Ain't no stopping us, he's not done win vista product key generator with us, we are more.Dem a just neglected, all dem try on a set, none a dem couldn't set.Heartbroken, feeling worthless, oh the hurt is too great.

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Fuck all dem badmind people dem.
God blessings, a God mi seh.
So we gon' win more pon dem bumboclaat.
Outro Ain't no stopping us He's not done with us We are more More than conquerors Ain't no stopping us He's not done with us We, are More than conquerors!We will fight, we will win, sopronos altos: I'onqueror (ending).Dem nuh wan, dem nuh wan, dem nuh wan see we win.) Parked CLS for baby mama ( no love ) Drop to your death without warnin' Chorus: Jay Rock Kendrick Lamar Get out the way, get out the way, get out the way yeah ( yeah ) Get out the way, get the fuck.Up against the ropes, but hang on there's hope 'Cause if Christ is inside us it won't be a fair fight 'Cause Deep down we know, how the story goes.They don't want us to make.We are overcomers by the blood of the lamb.Chorus, just remember, who you belong to Let Me remind you How this ends We win Woah, we win We win Woah, we win Bridge Ain't no stopping us He's not done with us We are more More than conquerors Ain't no stopping us He's.Intro: Jay Rock Kendrick Lamar, ayy this that Eastside Johnny, big redemption like.