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Vipkid reward slides

You have a 5 minute buffer between classes, and they want to make sure you wont have a problem running late.
If the child says come instead of comes, promptly interject and say the correct spelling of the word.
Make sure that youre actively engaging and making instructions as clear as possible.Vipkids has a set extreme christmas gifts way of teaching, and the more youre willing to adopt their methods, the better youll do and the quicker youll get hired.You need to prepare for the interview and take it seriously.The less words you use to phrase something, the better.Theyve been ranked by Forbes as one of the top remote work opportunities in the world.

It doesnt matter if youre an experienced ESL teacher or have.
If you have experience teaching or with children, make sure they know about.
If they match items silently, go back and review the names of the items that were pictured.
The mock courses that come after the first interview are to assess your teaching skills.Ask follow up questions if the kid goes through a slide too easily.They take their job seriously, and are looking for applicants who will do the same.Apparently, there are a lot of people out there that want to start a side hustle!In the interview stage they wont give you too much of this since the interviewer who is playing the child is there to test you more than give you grief.Maybe ask, What color is the cow?6) Emphasize your experience.Your role is to facilitate the child reading, answering questions, matching and identifying objects pictured on screen.This is the biggest criteria parents look for in a teacher, so vipkid will value your insistence that the child get it right 5) Show that you prepared, dont just show up and log onto your computer to do a cold call.