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Francis and Knyssna catamarans, plus meet with the Jachney's and view the latest (and excellent) Hylas yachts.
We welcome suggestions for additional terms to include on the test, and we invite expedition members to study this (the answers are in your Expedition Companion books sent out before you join us) in preparation for joining Mahina Tiare.
They liveaboard their Taswell 43 and work out of a van so their rates are 40 less than boatyards and they encourage owners to do all the work they want to, themselves.Bob Abbie from Maine who joined us for our Chicago seminar just got to sail the HR 40 they purchased in Wisconsin for the first time (the boat was nyu bookstore discount in winter storage) and the boat is currently being delivered to Maine where they are looking.What better way to celebrate Christmas than kayaking to a tiny park island with friends and cooking seafood paella and smoked salmon chowder over a campfire?The silver lining is that the next 14 days are forecasted to be spectacularly sunny and warm and with following winds to take us all the way to Scotlands fascinating Orkney Islands.Better Food, Clean Litter Box, Catnip, More Toys, Raise, Cat House, More Milk.Job, Kids, Bills, Eating, Other Men, TV, House Name something you do each day, but you never see soap opera characters doing.Money, Looks, Food, Smile, Love, Flirting, Flowers Name something your parents look for in your date, although you may not Money, Social Graces, Good Job, Appearance, Maturity, Well Dressed, Education If you could have a movie star narrate your life, whose voice would you choose?HOW cool IS this?Stay Up Late, Party, Become Rich, Sleep In, No House Rules, Eat Junk Food, Travel Name something kids get away with in schools today, that they wouldn't have 50 years ago.Apple 38, Lettuce 20, Fruit 13, Carrot 5, Celery 5, Potato 4, Vegetables 3, Tomato 3, Corn 2, Grape 2 We asked 100 menwhat do you spend most of your time thinking about?

If you can't get enough of sailing adventures on a snowy winter evening, watching their shows is like eating your favourite desert!
Tent 53, Cooking equipment 15, Sleeping bags 13, Fishing gear 4, Lantern 4, Ax 2, Back pack 2, Coolers 2 Name a type of fish a restaurant might feature as "catch of the day." Cat fish 22, Salmon 20, Trout 17, Red snapper 9, Perch.
It was an honor to take Wolfgang to the isolated Northern Cook Islands before air service existed to conduct his medical surveys and to deliver toothbrushes (thank you colgate and AIR NEW zealand!) to every child in the Cook Islands.
We weren't sure if we were cat people.Every coastal or long-distance cruiser needs the valuable skills Michael will present in a new, purpose-built professional training center WE love palma DE mallorca!EL nino holding ofittle longer!They purchased the boat in FL, and Teresa Carey and Ben Ericson, also consultation clients, film makers and professional sail-training captains ( m ) combined intensive (and very successful!) training with the delivery sail.WE will sure miss THE south pacific island nations that WE SO love It is hard to think that we no longer have plans of returning to the islands and peoples of the South Pacific that have been such a huge part of our lives.Flowers 53, Cologne 10, Breathmints 7, Corsage 3, Deodorant 2, Candy 2, Bottle of wine 2, Gum 2 Name something people do with a deck of cards.MTV 63, WB 7, Cartoons 4, Fox Network 3, Nickelodeon 3, Comedy Channel 3, Sci Fi 2, Race Car Channel 2, Nick At Nite 2 Name a place in their home that people hide money.What HAS worked AND what WE'VE replaced IN THE past 160,000 miles aboard mahina tiare III Blue Water Sailing arcticle, "In 1995, when we ordered Mahina Tiare III, our Hallberg-Rassy 46, we were in Patagonia, headed to Antarctica in the midst of our seventh year.We have funds set aside for purchase if anyone finds particularly good sources.

Click here for John Amanda's Annapolis Boat Show Walkabout Time Schedule for Friday, Oct.