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Trump win and stock market

For all the mocking he got,.
But, while the precise consequences of bad policies are always hard to predict, if investors are wrong and Trump wins, we should expect a big markdown in expected future earnings for a wide range of stocks and a likely crash in the broader market.
Obama said it might be a good time to get back into the market.
My investments in individual stocks are based on valuation, not market predictions.
We've enjoyed an economic expansion for nearly eight years.So what does all of this mean?Obama mentioned the market several other times during his presidency, but.The campaign readily admitted that this subtle deception was key to their Facebook strategy.It comes with charts, and ratios, facts, and data.As a result, tens of millions ended up part of this data-mining operation.

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This Facebook treasure trove gave Obama an unprecedented ability to reach out to nonsupporters.
Oct 17, top Business Stories, latest Business Headlines 8m ago 36m ago 1h ago 1h ago 1h ago 2h ago 3h ago 3h ago 3h ago, oct.
Roosevelt, noted that Roosevelt rarely talked about the stock market, which rose steadily during his presidency until 1937, when the Federal Reserve abruptly amazon grocery coupon code tightened the money supply one of the factors that plunged the United States into recession.Want to make more money in the stock market?Neither strategy involves making predictions about future market prices.The president himself is scheduled to speak in Davos on Friday, and.Expansions don't last forever.He wants to reduce the regulatory burden on corporations.In 2012, the Obama campaign encouraged supporters to download an Obama 2012 Facebook app that, when activated, let the campaign collect Facebook data both on users and their friends.Facebook fB ) data in the same way in 2012.It's an important distinction, to be sure, and Facebook is right to be attacked for its inability to control how its user data were being gathered and shopped around.Not that these presidents or their aides are shy about their contributions to the market:.

As everybody had predicted, the major indexes were down "bigly." The S P 500 and the Dow were both down about.5.