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Striving to win crossword

striving to win crossword

Brooks, Charles Stephen parry avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing The boys asked a few guarded questions, but gained no information whatever, their questions being parried in every instance.
Hubbard, Elbert dyspeptic irritable as if suffering from indigestion One may begin with heroic renunciations and end in undignified envy and dyspeptic comments outside the door one has slammed on one's self.
Quagmire a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot The heavy rain had reduced this low-lying ground to a veritable quagmire, making progress very difficult even for one as unburdened as he was.
Bloomberg said he would take several steps to circumvent obstacles to his proposals posed by city labor unions.
Viscid having the sticky properties of an adhesive Roads were quagmires where travellers slipped and laboured through viscid mud and over icy fords.New York csi the experience promo code Times (May 25, 2010) rarefied of high moral or intellectual value The debate over climate science has involved very complex physical models and rarefied areas of scientific knowledge.Ballou, Maturin Murray felicitous exhibiting an agreeably appropriate manner or style The first book is the finest, sparkling with felicitous expressions and rising frequently to true poetry.Baru?, Sulpice pilfer make off with belongings of others Many young people scavenge for reusable garbage, living on proceeds from pilfered construction material and other recyclables.Seattle Times (Feb 20, 2011) moribund not growing or changing; without force or vitality The entertainment sector there is booming, while Pakistan's is moribund.New York Times (Feb 6, 2012) chamber a natural or artificial enclosed space "Today said the old man, "you must push through with me into my most solitary chamber, that we may not be disturbed." Carlyle, Thomas humble marked by meekness or modesty; not arrogant.Cryptic of an obscure nature The authorities, beyond some cryptic language about the death being sudden but not suspicious, have released no details.

New York Times (Sep 29, 2010) incipient only partly in existence; imperfectly formed Above all, medical teams will need to establish quick surveillance to identify health needs and pinpoint incipient outbreaks before they explode.
Adler, Felix perish pass from physical life Simon Wiesenthal's parents are long since deceased, with his father dying in World War I and his mother perishing in the Holocaust.
Ez, Vicente multitude a large indefinite number Department store chains in general have been strained in recent years as a " multitude " of alternatives has emerged, all competing for customers.Washington Post (Nov 1, 2011) devolve grow worse As the rhetoric heated up inside, the violence outside devolved into chaos.Various heed pay close attention to But Cain was already too far gone to heed the warning voice.New York Times (Sep 27, 2011) inimical not friendly The Hindu idea is that so long as justice and equity characterise a kings rule, even beasts naturally inimical are disposed to live in friendship.Awlaki was neither among the most conservative Muslim students nor among the libertines who tossed aside religious restrictions on drinking and sex.Can take a lesson from Denmark, which has efficiently raised livestock without hurting farmers, by using better animal stirling prize awards husbandry practices.