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Done in Quantum and Woody when Woody reads the "Dark Kitty" comic book, an Expy of Marvel Comics ' Black Panther (also written by Christopher Priest at the time).
In the second season of The Tower of Druaga, little kid character Ki fights soldiers and people that annoy her by employing this technique with a spoon.
The First Law : In the third book of the series, Ardee West complains about trying to get through the third book of The Fall of the Master Maker, griping that it's all just a bunch of battles and journeys, with too many wizards.Triumph railed discount carpet birmingham al against the way he and his teammates were dismissed as second-stringers and never treated as "real" members of the Justice League, and accused the public of only caring about the "Big 7"note Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and any of the.Little Boy Blue is offed in Robert Rankin 's Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse by his shepherd's crook being shoved up his arse and all the way out his mouth.Talk to an ER doctor.He refers to it as 63ing your ass.Do you see it?On p229 (of 280) in the deeply Mind Screw -y Past Doctor Adventures novel The Infinity Doctors, the Doctor, confronted with a book of infinite pages, says: "The all k 9 discount code best thing about a book is that you can always tell when you're getting to the end.Vigagi: What was that!?The man took off his Rolex and rolled up his sleeves, and after both men did some tugging the calf came out just fine and healthy.The third Splinter Cell game did away with the previous two's use of alarms as the player's "lives", where even outside of missions (or sections of them) that would immediately fail if the player got detected once, they still usually had a limit of being.Only instead of using a shotgun, she uses a length of metal pipe.Lamenting that they don't have the power to write a happy ending for themselves while Aside Glancing at the reader (You could!

to name a few, not realizing how many Fan Fic premises he's listing.
In Rush Hour, this is Carter's response to being offered a job at the FBI (via an FBI badge) by the two FBI agents who were heckling him throughout the movie.
In Oh God Not Again!, when presented with a headline reading "Harry Potter and the Pentawizard Playoffs Harry muses that it sounds like the title of a book.
(It's actually a critical point.Or she took it out of her vagina.I mean, come.When Claudette discovers Mike and Michelle, who are introduced as they inexplicably come into the apartment to make out and eat chocolate, she asks, "What are these characters doing here?" The audience is probably wondering the exact same thing.Although technically the games aren't cartoons, and you'll probably get yelled at by fans for calling the art style that of a cartoon, it's close enough.Aren't they denim?" White Mage in 8-Bit Theater, after Black Mage uses necromancy to unnecessarily move a block of rubble that was only partially in his way.During the bad ending, Myris exclaims, as the world is dying around her, that it's a terrible ending.Underoos!" Cue the first appearance of the MCU version of Spider-Man, who takes Cap's shield, binds his wrists with webbing, then lands perfectly on a tarmac cart.They don't care where they're going.