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One Btu is win 7 x64 home premium iso required to increase the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.
Combustible gas indicator (CGI).
Daily Record Distributed on a daily basis to Commissioners and staff, this publication provides a listing of all documents submitted to the Commission which requires formal action, such as petitions, formal complaints, and responses to Commission orders.
Interruptible service the delivery of gas to a customer, subject to interruption of service at the discretion of the utility, generally because of system supply or capacity limitations.
All consultations are printable valentine gift labels no obligation and free of charge.Displacement An industry practice where one company accepts delivery of gas and redelivers a like amount (less an allowance for losses) to another company for the account of a third party.Therm rates may be used in conjunction with other rate forms,.g., flat rates or block rates.The United States federal court system consists of 94 federal judicial districts.Since the l977 amendments, it has become known as the Clean Water Act.It is the major component of natural gas, making up roughly 85-90 of natural gas by volume.City gate, meter stations which serve as designated point(s) on a distribution system where the distributor takes delivery of its gas supply from a pipeline source.Ferc is gradually eliminating this charge from pipeline tariffs.

Internal audit The procedure for a branch of a utility to audit the performance of its operations, management or finances.
Thermal rate zone A geographic section of a utility service territory, throughout which the heat content of gas service is relatively uniform.
This may be desirable where the long-run incremental cost is less than the average price of electricity, since adding off peak load decreases the average price.
Load management Utility activities designed to influence the timing and magnitude of customer use of electricity.
Demand rates are not used by New York State gas distribution companies.A b Finley, Moses.Telephone Fair Practices Act (tefpa) Commission Rules which provide protections as to applications for and terminations of residential telephone service.Rate base The base investment on which the utility is authorized to earn a cash return.Field observations can be either announced or unannounced and, whenever practicable, unobserved by utility employees.Net revenue or net margin Revenues less related gas costs and revenue taxes as derived for individual rates or classes of service.Usually referenced for interstate pipelines as a benchmark (floor) in conjunction with special contract sales.The Supreme Court justices serve for a life term or until retirement.