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If there's a prize for rotten judgement

Suicide King or using The Bible on Isaac?
Type: Passive Item gift world collections lakeline mall Pool: Item Room Shoop Da Whoop!
Spawns a raksha bandhan chocolate gift familiar blue spider sometimes when you finish a room.Unlock: Unlock this item by beating the Dark Room with Cain.Coli turns normal enemies into poop if they touch you.Type: Active Recharge Time: Timed (A few seconds) Item Pool: Item Room, Beggar Magic Fingers ItemID: 295 "Pay to play" Upon use, consumes a coin and deals damage to everything in the room.Cannot break the stone blocks which appear in the environment.Type: Active Recharge Time: 4 rooms.Basement 2: 2 Bombs 2 Keys.Unlock: Unlock this item by playing the Blood Donation machine 30 times.Type: Active Recharge Time: 1 room.

The tears appear red but have no additional damage.
Teeth shots deal damage equal to your tear damage *.2.
Listen to your boner as it whispers to you its judgement of women, because it knows before you know.Type: Passive Item Pool: Boss Room Blue Cap ItemID: 342 "HP tears shot speed down" 1 Health.Type: Passive, Familiar Item Pool: Item Room Cain's Other Eye ItemID: 319 "Near sighted friend" A familiar eye that bounces around the room slowly and fires tears in the same direction as Isaac.Does not work on mini-bosses and bosses.Drops from the Conquest boss fight.Can be won from the arcade skull game.Type: Passive, Familiar Item Pool: Item Room Dad's Key ItemID: 175 "Opens all doors." Upon use, opens all closed doors in the current room, including the ones which require a key to enter and secret room doors.Cannot remove Azazel's Brimstone laser.Type: Active Recharge Time: 2 rooms Item Pool: Item Room Red Candle ItemID: 289 "Flame on" Allows you to fire a red flame infront of you, similar to the Blue Candle item, however the flame will stay for the current room.

Ipecac shots are given a flat 40 Damage on top of the normal.5 base damage.