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How to buy amazon instant video as a gift

One of the things were doing increasingly is opting for convenience over dependability.
Id have christian wedding anniversary gifts a hard time working it out, and Ive been a copyright lawyer specializing in high-tech issues for 25 years.
You might think youre buying Microsoft Office, but according to your user agreement youre merely leasing it, Vaidhyanathan said.
Apples document outlining terms and conditions for purchases from the iTunes and App stores is nearly 80 pages long.
Amazon, which didnt respond to multiple interview requests for this story, doesnt even have to go out of business for you to lose the film you bought.Anything that is centrally collected in a server somewhere on Earth is ephemeral.In other words, unless youve taken the time to download each title you purchase to streamAmazon recommends you do this promptly after your purchase in its.There is a convergence happening.That convergence is built for a streaming world, one thats driven by an expectation of instant gratification.For streaming purchases, the unfortunate fate of ones collection is pretty straightforward: Lets imagine Amazon goes out of business, said Siva Vaidhyanathan, a media studies professor at the University of Virginia.You can think of music and video as just another form of software.

We have to recognize that it is temporary.
And were doing it somewhat thoughtlessly, Vaidhyanathan told.
(Again, that's right there in the Amazon service terms.).None of these things is guaranteed.All this signals a larger cultural shift in the way people think about ownership of media in the 21st century, or how they ought to be thinking.Even if Amazon doesnt go out of business in 20 years, Amazon will not exist as we know it in 100 years.Increasingly, the purchase of digital works is treated like the purchase of software, which has gone from something you buy on a disc to something downloadable with an Internet connection.Its just not stored locally.Good luck working out if you still have a right to use the music if Apple goes out of business, Hunter said.Very quickly, things go from being complicated to becoming a super complex problem, Hunter told.In order to keep a film in your collection watchable, theres a constellation of pieces that must be in place: The software that streams the video has to work, the devices you want to use to run that software have to remain compatible with.Instant Video Terms of Use, by the wayyour access to that film depends on a variety of factors, all of which are outside of your control.

The films you buy could already, at any time, automatically disappear from your Instant collection.
So what happens if the company that sold you that song goes out of business?