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How do you replace a door sweep

how do you replace a door sweep

Installing Expanders With Molded Sweeps Open the door and prop it open while you work.
Position new door bottom onto bottom of door.
See below: To purchase, visit the door bottom section of our website.
Benchmark steel doors use a L- shaped bottom.
Products Related To This Article).On a Larson screen door, the weatherstripping at the base of the door consists of a rubber strip, or ubiqlife discount code sweep.Remove the expander and molded sweep by sliding it off the edge of the door once you 've removed the screws.There are 5 different types of door sweeps, all described and shown in this video.Note: The staple-on door bottom may seal better if a small spot spendless discount code of adhesive or caulk is applied to the bottom of the door before installing.Determine Type of Door Bottom or Door Sweep.They fit into a kerf cut in the bottom of the door.Always follow the manufacturer's instruction for installation.Tip Look for replacement strips on the Larson website.If the sweep has two strips of rubber extending toward the ground, purchase a double-spline sweep.

The staple-on sweeps come in different designs, and even the heights of the door sweeps will vary.
Use a screwdriver or drill to loosen the screws holding the expander on the bottom of the door.
If the sweep is molded to the bottom of the door and you can't pull it loose, skip to Section 2 to follow the instructions for replacing a strip with an expander.
The wrap-around sweeps fit different thicknesses of doors.The spacing of the kerfs vary and you will want to match profiles.This will reduce the likelihood of ripples forming in the door bottom when it is affixed to the door.The Staple-On, requires removing the door from the frame.Weatherstripping works together with your entry door to seal off the interior of your home from exterior elements.Note: If replacing door by yourself, be careful not to hurt yourself.Wood doors are almost always a nail or staple-on type door sweep.