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Harry potter valentines day gifts for him

This proved that he did retain a vestige of his once good magical skills by the time he returned to teach at Hogwarts, denoting them as only nearly 'beyond repair'.
In fact, I'd say I was even more of a nobody!
Unable to Support a Wife : His poverty was one reason that he thought he should never marry.Not So Stoic : Has an expressive side.When Harry and Ron actually bring him there, he decides he'd rather let Ginny die and fabricate a story about arriving too late after modifying Harry and Ron's memories than attempt to help save her.He's also nicer and more likable than all other dickens collection gift set Slytherins, and he is genuinely ashamed of accidentally helping Tom Riddle's rise to power.Not a piece of meat!" Portrayed by: Dame Maggie Smith, Sandy McDade ( Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, first West End run TBD ( Cursed Child, first Broadway run) Voiced by: Mari Luz Olier (European Spanish) Appears in: Philosophers Stone Chamber of Secrets Prisoner.His abillities and knowledge was adequate enough that he was at least able to be an honorary member of the Dark Force Defensive League for an unknown period of time without arousing suspicion.His Patronus takes the form of, well, a wolf, and he doesn't want to blow his cover.Old Master : She's old enough to be Harry's pizza hut coupon codes 30 off grandmother and is one of the most capable, demanding, discount halloween haunt tickets 2016 and intimidating of his magical mentors.Leitmotif : As usual, John Williams is awesome.His teachers are scary:.

Despite his claim of "little it ran for three pages with fifty-four questions, and only Hermione got all of them correct.
Fanservice : Has in-universe fangirls, including Hermione and Mrs.
Ambition Is Evil : Subverted with Horace Slughorn, who's a member of Slytherin.His school lectures and materials are simply selling his overly expensive autobiographies while reading out chapters from these uninformative books and even theatrically reenacting them, thus lacking any educational purposes.She's very likely no longer technically human.Telepathy : The Sorting Hat uses Legilimency to determine which house to place new students.Mama Bear : In Deathly Hallows she saves Lavender Brown from being eaten alive by Fenrir Greyback by smashing his head in with her crystal ball!He has no reason to believe Harry is cheating, since Snape was that terrible a teacher and Harry managed an Exceeds Expectations on his OWL.Butt-Monkey : Many of his appearances involve getting hexed, cursed, jinxed, or otherwise pranked by students who gleefully subvert his authority at every turn; Fred and George are particularly talented at this.Team Mom : Among the Hogwarts staff, though more to the students than her fellow staff members.Nice Hat : One of the few wizard hats you'll see in the films, but it's pretty cool.

Badass Bookworm : While his friends James and Sirius were said to be naturals when it came to magic, Lupin seems to have gotten his tremendous skill through hard work and studying.