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Gift in muslim law

When the subject-matter of the gift is no longer in the possession of the donee,.e., when he had disposed it off by sale, gift or discount carpet birmingham al otherwise or, where he had consumed it, or where it had been lost or destroyed.
But if, after becoming competent to contract and being aware of the obligation, he retains the property gifts for highschool graduates from parents given, he becomes so bound.
His intention should be wooden it be great discount code in express and clear words.
Kinds of Gifts There are several variations of Hiba.Oral Gift Of Immoveable Property - In view of sec.Where a person keeps money to fixed deposit in the name of his niece, brought up and given in marriage by him, there is an inference of gift in favour of the niece.The true hiba-bil-iwaz of older jurists consisted of two independent acts, namely, (a) hiba, or gift, and (b) iwaz or return gift, not stipulated at the time of the gift.

The relinquishment of control is thus necessary to complete the gift.
2(d) of the Contract Act.
Xxxii ml, accessed on 18/4/2014.
When the donor and the donee are related within the prohibited degrees.To conclude the researcher can say that, the gift is a contract consisting of a proposal or offer on the part of the doner to give a thing and acceptance of it by the donee.In considering the law of gifts, it is to be remembered that the English word 'gift' is generic and must not be confused with the technical term of Islamic law, hiba.Like hiba, it is not valid unless accompanied by delivery of possession.It is submitted that the release of a debt is not a gift as it does not involve a transfer of property but is merely a renunciation of a right of action.Section 122 of the Act postulates that a gift is a transfer of certain existing movable or immovable property made voluntary and without consideration by one person called the donor, to another, called a donee and accepted by or on behalf of the donee.He also accepted the offer on behalf of minor grandchildren.