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Eyes on the prize video questions answers

Who was the Governor of Alabama at this time?
Student non-violent coordinating committee.
What does sclc stand for?In 1978, the Supreme Court hears a case filed by Allan Bakke, a man twice denied admission to ring video promo code the University of California at Davis.For some Americans, the case is proof that the cost of remedying years of discrimination and inequities is too high.Congress of Racial Equality.Alabama guardsmen had to ride on christian wedding anniversary gifts it as well What one book were the riders given in jail?Name 5 rights that changed over the 10 years for blacks in the south?"If in fact women, blacks, Hispanics, have been excluded.Who was the woman that refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama on December 1, 1955?Why is Emmitt Till's Death Important?

Bloody Sunday Who led the second attempt at the march on Montgomery?
James Meredith, what happened when he tried to register the first two times?
Nobel Peace Prize Who was the Sheriff of Selma Jim Clarke Who was the mayor of Selma?
Joseph Smitherman Who was the public safety director of Selma?What is the naacp?Central High, Little Rock, who was the Governor of Arkansas during the attempt to integrate the high school?King pattern his idea after regarding filling the jails?John Patterson What finally happened to get the buses to Mississippi?Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party What was signed into law in July 1964?On September 21, 1980, Hartsfield International Airport welcomes its first flight.3 men were hung by a mob of 10,000 because of a rumored rape.

Citizen's Council Who was the Governor of Mississippi from?
Who was Malcolm X, muslim civil rights leader who believed in getting agressive and would get violent if needed.