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Childcare vouchers during unpaid maternity leave

The ruling stated that, under the Maternity and Parental Leave Pay Regulations 1999, if the vouchers constituted remuneration then the employer was not obliged to continue to provide them throughout maternity leave.
However, there is no provision for study leave for either elementary or secondary teachers, which is a major constraint).
If a woman attends for work, she should be paid the equivalent of stone and skillet discount her normal hourly rate for the hours she works on the day in question.
Unless otherwise notified, the date on which an employee returns to work will normally be the first working day 52 weeks after her maternity leave began.The employer offer their employees various benefits, one being a reduced salary in return for child care vouchers which provide a tax saving incentive.There is a maximum limit of ten KIT days allowed under the maternity leave regulations and once a woman has used up her ten KIT days and she then does any further work, she will lose a week's SMP for the week in which she.The actual return date will normally be recorded in the Maternity Leave Plan, and can be checked by using the maternity calculator on the right-hand side.

If the employee wishes to return to work before the end of her full maternity leave period (this will normally be the end date that the department confirmed to her before she went on leave she must give her department at least eight weeks' notice.
If the employee is sick when her maternity leave is due to end, she will be deemed to be an employee who has returned to work but who is on sick leave under the.
UP Maternity Leave, child Care 2019 for government employee female male abortion paternity benefit rules in Uttar Pradesh teacher basic Shiksha parishad UP Maternity Leave 2019 in 6th pay commission has provisions for both paid and unpaid UP Maternity leaves for all its employees, including teachers.
A regular teacher can avail medical leave upto a maximum of 365 days during whole service paternity leave in Uttar Pradesh.The Government has also sanctioned Child Adoption Leave of 180 days for teachers.There is no clear-cut practice for Child Care Leave holiday for government employee at the district level.A department may not require a woman to work during her maternity leave if she does not want to, nor does a woman have the right to work KIT days if her department does not agree to them.An employee may, by agreement with her department, do up to a maximum of ten days' work - known as Keeping in Touch (KIT) days - under her contract of employment during the maternity leave period.If a woman cannot return to work because her fixed-term contract has ended, it would not be expected that she would be required to repay any of her maternity pay.

You cannot have any deductions by way of a salary sacrifice from any statutory payments.
Contact during maternity leave, departments and their employees will often find it helpful, before maternity leave starts, to discuss arrangements for staying in touch with each other.