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Best gifts for middle aged man

It's also unnecessary; we should be proud of our maturity - there are many classic styles ideal for the older man.
It may work, if you have an extremely sophisticated sense of style, but you run the risk of looking a little sad.
The content doesn't win plus capsule really reflect the headline - but then the Mail is looking for sensational headlines, not interesting content.
Jeremy Paxman in tweeds is typical of the affliction that grips men in middle age Hadley Freeman in the Guardian discusses older men's style.Be careful, though; your bones have become more brittle as you get older.Good stuff, based on advice not to give up and again emphasising the importance of fit.How to Dress your Age - Fifties British.As Pamela Haag discovered while researching for her book Marriage Confidential, 33 percent of respondents agreed that even if youre unhappy, you should stick it out for the children.How to Dress your Age - Sixties and Beyond British.Blogger Dalrock has an interesting post titled, Are Women Done With Men After Age 55 in which he believes he dispels the myth that women are wired to prefer to divorce and live alone later in life.However, this is an unusually (for the Mail) sensible analysis and it is recommended reading.Confuses fashion and style, doesn't add much to the discussion.Daily Mail here and the, guardian here.

I hate artificially-induced age in objects like clothes, furniture and pictures - it's just fake, and that's bad.
How I Became a Fashion Don't A lovely response to the above Details magazine article.
Most men of a certain age were wearing jeans decades ago; why should there come a time when we should stop wearing them?
Or so we are led to believe.
Looks like he's having a mid-life crisis From The Mail Online.They wonder if this is how they are doomed to live the rest of their lives (and God-willing, most of them have another 40 years ahead of them). Secondly, I don't wear jeans with white trainers, tennis shoes, Converse shoes etc - my personal view is that it doesn't work with an older man.Why older men are more stylish than young men A nice piece in The Telegraph, October 2014.This is what we need more of: a round-up of older men interested in style.