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338 or 300 win mag

338 or 300 win mag

Within three years, wed see the two most popular magnums appear on the shelves.
Here are the relative recoil levels murray oakley discount electrical from both 8-pound rifles in the above scenario: Recoil Impulse Recoil velocity of rife Free recoil energy 7mm Rem.
These general upgrades are backwards compatible with older TRG sniper rifles.Can use bullets of 120 grains, but things usually top out at 175 or 185 grains.To match or beat the.C.This is because the MV was 200 fps faster.The 300 WM or 7mm RM?This is a tough one, as the comparisons between the 7mm bore diameter and the.308 need to parkmobile promo code atlanta be carefully examined.Given that, I would happily and eagerly hunt anything with either cartridge even charging brown bears.83 or a G7 BC.You don't need a magnum for bigger game; you need a bigger bullet in an efficient pa gift form case (and possibly a premium bullet if not going too big) - one of these chamberings.30-'06.30-'06 AI (with premium bonded 180s or non-premium 220s).338-'06 A-square.35 Whelen.3x62mm.375.Ive found that the versatility of bullet choice gives the.30s an advantageif you appreciate the one-gun approach.Winchester and, remington, or even the boutique shops like.Your thoughts and recommendations?

Both fit 30-06 length actions.
It was developed during the s as a highpowered, longrange cartridge for military snipers.
The logical bottom end for the.300 Winchester ranges between 130 and 150 grains, depending on bullet construction; the 7mm Rem.Terminal ballistics refers to what happens when the bullet interacts with the target).Both camps have fervent followers, and both are highly effective in the game fields.Of a 168-grain 7mm bullet,.308 bullet with similar form needs to weigh about 210 grains.Its been all over with me on hunting trips, including Africa, Canada and here at home.549mm) maximal overall length.

Norma followed suit, releasing their.308 Norma Magnum in 1960, giving the same ballistics as the longer.300 H H Magnum, in a long-action cartridge.
) All in all, hunting with either of these cartridges is a total pain in the ass compared to using tamer calibers.